Orbital were formed in the late 1980s by Paul and Phil Hartnoll in their native Sevenoaks, close to the circular M25 motorway which inspired their name. Embraced and championed by rave culture, but never fully immersed in it, they released a string of classic 1990s singles including "Chime", "Style", "The Box", "Satan" and a witty techno-glam reworking of the Doctor Who theme. Besides remixing Madonna and Kraftwerk, they also worked with an impressive range of collaborators, from soundtrack composer Angelo Badalamenti to Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet.


Putting Orbital on hold in 2004 after seven albums and more than 15 years together, Paul and Phil worked on separate solo projects and recharged their musical batteries. But a five year absence only increased demand for their emotionally uplifting music, especially their legendary live shows in front of huge festival crowds. The brothers announced their comeback with a triumphant headline set at the Big Chill in 2009, and in 2012 released their latest album, Wonky. In 2014 they focussed on their own projects, with Phil DJ'ing around the world and Paul releasing a new album, 8:58, before reuniting again to play festivals and shows around Europe in 2017. They have two new singles out, "Kinetic 2017" and "Copenhagen".